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Peterborough, UK

Video Editing

If you have videos that require editing we can carry out the following work:

  • Build up a video from video clips you send - fading in and out between video clips if required
  • Add captions and a voiceover and/or music
  • Add still photos within the video if required, eg as a video intro (with caption text) or at video end
  • Shorten, speed up, or slow down videos

We can either upload your video to YouTube (ie within your Youtube channel) and then embed the Youtube video into your website, or if preferred (for a cleaner more professional display) we can upload the video to your web server and display the video on your webpage referenced from the web-server.

To help you choose which solution you prefer, we have posted the same video twice below. The upper version is referenced from the web server and the lower version is an embedded YouTube video (thank you 'Remote Adventures' - that offer adventure sailing holidays - for the video)

Please contact us to discuss your video requirements.