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Keep in touch with your customers - send graphics-rich emails (with links to your website etc) to your opt-in subscribers

We use the "Send In Blue" email marketing service to create graphics-rich emails and send them to your opt-in email subscribers.

We use Send-in-Blue because:

  • Send-in-Blue has a reputation for low 'block' rates - ie most email servers don't consider emails sent via Send-in-blue's mail server to be spam (an issue with many other email marketing providers)
  • Send-in-Blue allows us to create customer e-mails in html (specific 'restricted' html, compatible with a range of email programs) and then transfer the HTML to the Send-in-blue design input screens to create the email campaign (this gives the best control of the email design and links within the email)
  • We can send test emails before we send the mail email campaign, so formatting issues can be addressed before the email is sent to all customer contacts
  • Send-in-blue includes comprehensive reporting on email campaigns - for example: (a) number of emails sent b) bounces c) unsubscribes d) number of opened emails, etc.
  • Mail contact lists can be exported out of Send-in-blue for external backup
  • An email campaign it can be scheduled to send on any day and time in the future

Send In Blue's Plan costs

Send-in-Blue has a number of plans. One popular plan is their 'Lite' plan with 10,000 email sends/month, which, at the time of writing (Dec 2021) costs £19.80 a month (including VAT).