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Domains (web site name/addresses) and Web Hosting

Website Name (address)

You require a website name (called a domain) for your website, if you haven't already registered one in the past. We can advise regarding good reliable ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to use to register the domain.

It is important that you purchase the domain name yourself (rather than if we purchase it on your behalf), so you are the owner. You can do this by opening an account with the ISP. We can send exact step-by-step instructions on how to open the account and then register a domain, it is very easy.

It is a good idea to include important keywords in your domain name, for possible, eg, although with Google's recent changes it is not quite as important (re SEO - Search Engine Optimisation) as it used to be. You will probably find that your ideal domain name options have already been registered, so you may have to compromise on your name choice.

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You will also require storage for your website files on-line, this is known as "webhosting". We will help you purchase such webhosting with an ISP, ie within you own account so you are the owner of the hosting package.

After you are on-line with your website we will be sure that you have all the key information regarding the domain name registration and web hosting, so you securely hold your own website configuration data.

It is quite common for website companies to set up domain names and web hosting for customers and then retain account logins and configuration details themselves - it is then difficult for customers to change website design companies later if they want to. We aim to retain your custom by offering excellent customer service and a quality website, not by making it difficult for you to go elsewhere should you choose to do so!